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Evaporation from wet clothing can cause rapid cooling of body temperature when it is windy.  Windproof clothing (such as a kag or spray-jacket) and insulating layers will be necessary in both warm and cold weather and should be easily accessible.


The following recommendations apply in cold, wet or windy weather:

  • Avoid prolonged immersion in cold water as rapid loss of body heat leads to hypothermia and eat high-energy snacks and meals that will sustain your energy levels;
  • Wear clothing such as:
    • Bathers or board-shorts with thermal pant or track pants;
    • A thermal top or woollen jumper;
    • Wind-proof and spray-proof jacket (such as a spray jacket or kag);
    • Hat or beanie (woollen) – reducing heat loss from your head may be critical at times;
    • A wet-suit in extreme conditions;
  • Sunglasses with keeper band;
  • Footwear such as wet booties or sneakers to protect feet;
  • Sunscreen, UV block-out; including on lips.


The following recommendations apply in warm weather:

  • Always dress for the predicted weather conditions, for example strong afternoon sea-breeze may cool body temperature on warm days;
  • Wear light clothing (long sleeve tops to protect arms and shoulders) with adequate sun protection (sunglasses for your eyes and sunblock for your skin);
  • If wearing bathers or board-shorts remember to cover exposed parts of legs with sunscreen;
  • Wear a long sleeve rash vest or long sleeve shirt (polyester or other quick drying material);
  • Wear hats, such as a cap during racing and a broad brimmed hat between races;
  • Wear sun-glasses with keeper band;
  • Wear footwear such as wet boots or sneakers to protect feet
  • Sunscreen, UV block-out, including on lips

Please note that prescription glasses when worn whilst paddling should always be secured with a keeper band (they do not float).

Training thermals and shorts

If you are wanting training gear here are a couple of recommendations
1. The Canoe shop on grange road will give 10% discount to any west lakes members and has an extensive range for recreational paddlers.
2. Online you can purchase the tops and pants worn by most national paddlers here and internationally
go to craftsports.com.au and search for “Active extreme 2.0 long sleeve” for thermals both male and female range, long and short sleeve
Go to www.underarmour.com.au and search ” Mens heat gear Armour Mid Compression shorts”
Go to Wiggle Australia and search the same. This site often has sales on this gear.


It is recommended that additional appropriate clothing be taken to training sessions and events.  At some events the event organisers may also require the spare clothing to be taken in a secure, dry-bag on the boat along with other safety equipment, such as a space-blanket.


It is mandatory per State Government legislation (refer below) that personal floatation devices (PFD), commonly known as life-jackets, are worn at all times while on the water.  Exemptions may apply to certain club, Canoe SA and Australian Canoeing events, such as formal training sessions and regattas, but all paddlers must assume that an exemption is not applicable unless explicitly told by coaches, club officials and/or event organisers.

Even with an event exemption in place junior paddlers 14 and 15 years of age can only refrain from wearing a PFD if they can competently swim 50 metres unaided and have written parental/guardian consent.

All paddlers 13 years of age and younger must wear a PFD regardless of whether an exemption is applicable.

At the time of writing, Canoe SA was in the process of finalising its PFD Policy in consultation with the State Government Department of Marine and Harbours.  This is expected to be finalised by the 30th of June 2016 and West Lakes Canoe Club will be required to adopt this policy.

State Government Legislation

The wearing of lifejackets / PFD’s (Personal Floatation Devices) is regulated by the

Harbors and Navigation Regulations 2009 – REG 169.

The key extract from these regulations is as follows:
169 – Personal flotation devices to be worn on certain recreational vessels:

  • Each occupant of –

(d)    a canoe, kayak, rowboat or other similar small human-powered vessel;
– must, at all times while the vessel is underway, wear –
(i)      if the vessel is a canoe, kayak, rowboat or other similar small human-powered vessel – a PFD Type 1 or PFD Type 2.
Maximum penalty: $1250.
Expiation fee: $160.
Note – A personal flotation device must be of an appropriate size for the wearer and properly adjusted—see regulation 3(9)

The complete regulations can be viewed at the following link: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_reg/hanr2009322/s169.html


Refer to Policies section for details of the club’s Sunsmart Policy.


  • Club uniforms must be worn during racing at state and national sprint regattas and long distance events.
  • At times members may also be required to wear club uniforms or apparel while traveling as a club group.
  • Details of the official club uniform and other club apparel, including sizing charts and ordering information, are on the Club Uniform page.