The West Lakes Canoe Club Annual General Meeting and Presentation
The WLCC AGM and Presentation was held on Sunday, August the 19th at the Henley Lifesaving Club.

Presentation of Awards – The following awards were presented:
Best Male Kayak Paddler: Matt Goble
Best Junior Male Kayak Paddler: Jesse Kneebone-Ellis
Best Junior Female Kayak Paddler: Chelsea Beale
Best Male Canadian Canoe Paddler: Charlie Kneebone-Ellis
Best Female Canadian Canoe Paddler: Josie Bulmer
Best Junior Canadian Canoe Paddler: Chloe Jenkin
Best First Year Paddler: Cooper Forest
Best Team Boat: Daniel Kucharski and Jesse Kneebone-Ellis
Best Marathon Paddler: Liam Dohnt
Most Improved Paddler: Daniel Kucharski
Inspirational Paddler: Alana Lysandrou
Junior Encouragement Award: Sam Ralph
Outstanding Paddler Award: Roger French
Outstanding Contribution to the Club: Matt Loughry
President’s Award: Kerry Sax and Jo Kneebone

Document links
WLCC AGM Agenda 2018 (PDF)
WLCC AGM 2017 Minutes (PDF)

Committee Nominations
All members wishing to nominate for a position on the committee are requested to complete the Nomination Form return it via email to, post or drop it in the steel box located on the left hand side of the desk in the club room.

Document Link
Committee Nomination Form 2018/19 (PDF)

Key Changeover
As previously advised there will be a $20 charge for the new season’s key and an additional $20 for non-returned keys from last season.

Information for Private Boat Owners
To ensure we have up to date details about all private boats stored in the club shed we will be asking for the completion of a new Boat Storage Agreement forms.

Members that do not wish to store their boat in the 2018/19 season are requested to remove their boat(s) from the boat shed prior to the AGM.  If you are not fully financial and your boat remains in the boat shed, it will be removed and securely stored off-site, with charges accruing as per the conditions of boat storage.

It is also recommended that owners of private boats review their insurance coverage. The club’s insurance policies cover boats damaged or stolen in the event of a fire, break-in or transportation accidents to/from events (on club trailers), but do not provide cover for damage to boats caused in other circumstances.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact the club via email at