The 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships were held at West Lakes in Adelaide on May 18 – 20, the first time in SA for seven years. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped make the championships run smoothly.

Well done to all of the West Lakes Canoe Club athletes who participated in this event, several of which won their categories:
Chelsea Beale U16 WK1 (15km) in 1:22:16
Kerry Sax/Elizabeth Mitchell 50-54 W Rec 2 (15km) i 1:33:58
Roger French/Louka Shopov 60-64 M UC2 (15km) 1:46:53
George Hucks 50-54 MK1 para (22.5km) 2:34:09
Roger French 60-64 MC1 (15km) 1:59:28
Liam Dohnt/Luke Dooley U18 MK2 (22.5km) in 1:45:12
Chloe Jenkin U18 WC1 (11.25km) 1:28:01

Congratulations who those who were selected for Australian marathon teams:
Liam Dohnt (junior – K2)
Chloe Jenkin (junior – C1)
Kristen Woodcock (senior – C1)

Results can be found here: