On 4th November 2017 Jim Murphy OAM was inducted into the Paddle Australia Hall of Fame.

Jim is currently in the position of President of Paddle South Australia and is still an active member of the West Lakes Canoe Club. It is said that one of his most valued contributions to the sport and to the community is his special skills in working with young people. He is a great motivator and encourages and assists young paddlers by providing opportunities for them to become involved in both canoeing and kayaking. Jim encourages their development and involvement in paddling, both as competitors and officials and assists them with transportation to and from events, both locally and interstate. You could also be rescued by Jim at the regatta’s if he is in the support boat.

The West Lakes Canoe Club community values your visits and wishes to congratulate you on your induction. Thank you Jim.

Visit Paddle Australia website to see more of his achievements and roles that have been a great assistance to the Paddle SA community