Want a way to find events happening at the West Lakes Canoe Club?
Why not add the calendar to your phone with an easy click shortcut to our website?


How to add a icon link on to your Iphone home screen follow this procedure

  1. Go to the West Lakes Canoe Club site using Safari
  2. Go to the Menu and select Calendar
  3. On the bottom of the Iphone screen press on the action menu
    (box with arrow pointing up)
  4. scroll action bar to the left to find the Add to home screen button and select
  5. remove the Calendar | from the name then press Add
  6. If you have followed that you should get the link on your home screen.


Using Google Chrome browser. The following instructions will add a shortcut icon to your Android phone home screen

  1. Go to the West Lakes Canoe Club home page and select the calendar
  2. Up the top right you will find three dots (ellipsis) press there
  3. The menu will appear with add to home screen