Paddler Profile 2014 – Emma Jager


NAME:    Emma Jager


CLUB: West Lakes Canoe Club

COACH:   Kris Lepianka

WHEN / WHERE / WHY DID YOU BEGIN IN THIS SPORT:    I was asked to come and try out kayaking after doing testing through the SASI Talent ID program at my school. I decided that I loved the sport from the moment I got in a boat and started paddling.

GREATEST SPORTING ACHIEVEMENT:     I believe that competing in the 2013 Olympic Hopes regatta has been my greatest sporting achievement so far. Having the privilege of representing my country was by far the most  humbling experience I have had.

FUTURE GOALS:    I hope to continue to represent my country in the sport of sprint kayaking, as well as continuing to improve my paddling.

WHAT KEEPS YOU BUSY OUTSIDE OF KAYAKING?      When I get time off from training, I am usually sleeping, eating or catching up with either friends or homework.

GREATEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR CAREER:    Jim Murphy is the biggest influence on my career as a kayaker. He helped me develop and grow when I was first starting in the sport and nurtured my love for it. He pushed me to improve as an athlete and gave me opportunities to further open up the world of sprint kayaking to me. Thank you Jim for helping me get where I am today.

WHICH COMPETITOR DO YOU RESPECT MOST:      I have a huge respect for all of my fellow kayakers who I train with. I see how much hard work they put in training everyday and I admire how dedicated they are to their sport.

WHO INSPIRES YOU:     Although she isn’t a kayaker, I find Sally Pearson to be inspiring. She has worked so hard to be at the level she is today, and that is something I aspire to do. She is also very down to earth even with her successes, which is something I admire about her.

IF YOU WERE NOT A KAYAKER WHAT WOULD YOU BE:   I believe I would still be competing in athletics if I wasn’t doing kayaking.

FAVOURITE SPORT / OLYMPIC CHILDHOOD MEMORY:     When I was three years old, I remember wearing a kangaroo costume while watching the torch relay go through Port Adelaide. It was the first memory I have of any sporting event.

BEST ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED:     The best advice I have ever received is to always keep your head up and keep working hard. There are always going to be disappointments when it comes to sport, so the best thing you can do is acknowledge them, learn from them and then leave them behind you.

EDUCATION / EMPLOYMENT:    I am currently in Year 11 at St Marys College

AWARDS / RESULTS:     I have received many awards and achieved many results throughout a variety of sports I have competed in over the years. I am still fairly new on the kayaking scene and so I hope to improve and achieve many great things in the sport.