West Lakes Canoe Club provides a wide range of communication through varied and multiple channnels.

We abide by the Australian Canoeing Social Media Policy. Please take the time to read this Policy and how it should be used.

Australian Canoeing Social Media Policy


WLCC Facebook Page

Facebook is used for both the general public and for our closed communication group. The closed communication group is primarily for communicating to a large number of our members with general information. For example: training times or changes, reminders etc.

Our main Facebook page will have general information about our club, events that you can “catch us” at and information that we find relates to our Club and wonderful sport. We will post this information in our closed communication group also.


WLCC Instagram

Our Instagram account is used to show our “culture” at WLCC. It is fun, shows real people enjoying the sport and friendship that comes with being a part of our club. Our members, along with their friends and family are also able to tag us in photos that are to do with our events that we either hold or are participating in. This way we are able to see events covered from every angle. #WLCC

We will also have special tags for events, please stay tuned on the Facebook page and/or website for these.

You Tube

WLCC You Tube

You Tube is a great resource to view videos of our Local, State, National and International events and disciplines. Our channel strives to have quality videos that can be enjoyed for leisure and for research purposes. There is intention that our channel will stream events so that family and friends can catch all the action live. We look forward to growing this exciting feature.


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