Monday, September 24, 2018
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Keen for the Olympic Hopes / Junior teams this year?

For ALL paddlers attending Nationals - DO you think you have made enough progress be considered for either the Junior Olympic Hopes (Location and Date TBC), for athletes born in 1999, 2000 and 2001  OR the  ICF Junior World Championships (Under 18s)– Minsk,...
paddle for prostate

Channel Seven and Paddle for Prostrate

There has been a very exciting email received about the "Paddle for Prostrate" event, and below are some quotes: "Channel Seven have very generously created this marvellous advertisement for the event." "It will be running next week at no charge,.......great guys...
regatta 5

Regatta 5 results

What a perfect day for a Kayak/Canoe event. I bet we have a bucket load of personal bests. Walking around I heard a lot of comments on how fast the paddlers were going... Thank you to George for taking some...

2016 World University Championships

If anyone is interested in nominating for the 2016 World University Championships, please find attached the relevant information and links to eligibility requirements etc. Please return the expression of interest form to Lauren @ Australian Canoeing (details below) and the eligibility...


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of Canoe SA, the State Regatta #4, which was scheduled to be held this Saturday the 28th November, has been cancelled. However, the club is proposing to hold a mini-regatta in the Aquatic...