Monday, December 11, 2017
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Dec 2014 – Bunnings BBQ

Dec 2014 Bunnings BBQ fundraiser... Thankyou to all of the wonderful members who volunteered their time for the latest Bunnings BBQ. It was a busy day being the Saturday before Christmas. We raised over $2100 which  all goes towards club revenue....

Bunnings BBQ 23rd & 25th March

These events are some of the great ways we raise important funds for the club. It would be great if you could volunteer for one of theses days, and help out. Please get in contact with Jo on: 0407 196 252
WLCCWine drive

Wine Drive: Previous best sale was 40 Boxes!! CAN YOU BEAT THAT?

THIS IS SERIOUS GUYS, 40 BOXES.....   What does this incredible record of 40 Boxes tell you? The wine is good. Really, really good. It is obviously good value, or should I say OUTSTANDING value. That we are an AWESOME, AMAZING...

Bunnings BBQ’s: Friday 7th July & Thursday 14th September

Bunnings BBQ's: Friday 7th July & Thursday 14th September It's time to get out your diary or calendar and put these dates in. Our club needs help for Friday 7th July and Thursday 14th September to put on the BEST Bunnings...