West Lakes, SA
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Athlete Profiles

Athlete profiles for paddlers from West Lakes Canoe Club

Kelsey Goldner 

Athlete Profile 2016 – Kelsey Goldner

NAME:   Kelsey Goldner YEAR OF BIRTH: 1999 Achievements: Olympic Hopes Team 2015 4th k1 200m, Nationals 2015 2nd single ski, Surf Life Saving State Titles 7th at nationals in 1000 & 500 COACH:  Nicholas Bulmer  NICKNAMES: Kels, KG WHEN / WHERE / WHY DID YOU BEGIN IN THIS SPORT: Started in 2012...

Athlete Profile 2016 – Lachie Boag

NAME:   Lachie Boag YEAR OF BIRTH: 2000 COACH:  Nicholas Bulmer NICKNAMES: Boags WHEN / WHERE / WHY DID YOU BEGIN IN THIS SPORT: Started off 2016 at west lakes to help me with my skis for Surf Lifesaving GREATEST SPORTING ACHIEVEMENT: B&F 2013 year 7 Football Team- Immanuel...

Athlete Profile 2016 – Liam Dohnt

NAME: Liam Dohnt YEAR OF BIRTH: 2001 Achievements / results: Finals at state regatta for 200m, 500m and 1000m COACH:  Nicholas Bulmer At what age did you start paddling and how did you become involved in the sport? 2015, Age 14, I started paddling with a program from SASI What...

Athlete Profile 2016 – Nicole Jacobs

NAME:   Nicole Jacobs YEAR OF BIRTH: 1999 RESULTS: 8th    U18 K2 200m   2015/16 GP1 8th    U18 K2 500m   2015/16 GP1 7th    U18 K2 1000m   2015/16 GP1 COACH:  Nicholas Bulmer NICKNAMES: Nic WHEN / WHERE / WHY DID YOU BEGIN IN THIS SPORT: SASI Talent...

Athlete Profile 2016 – Ryland Newberry

NAME:   Ryland Newberry YEAR OF BIRTH: 1997 AWARDS / RESULTS: Surf Lifesaving States Medalist COACH:  Nicholas Bulmer / Steve Perry NICKNAMES: Ry Ry WHEN / WHERE / WHY DID YOU BEGIN IN THIS SPORT: November 2015, at West Lakes GREATEST SPORTING ACHIEVEMENT: Surf Lifesaving State team FUTURE GOALS: National Ski final WHAT KEEPS YOU...