The 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships will be held at West Lakes in Adelaide on May 18 – 20 for the first time in SA for seven years. This is a great opportunity for anyone to paddle in Canoe Marathon in Adelaide with only your entry fee to pay. (no travel, accommodation, boat freight, etc. to worry about). Contact Roger French if you would like more information or mobile 0401 278 700

The basic concept of Canoe Marathon is that you paddle in single and double canoes & kayaks on a 3.6 km loop (either clockwise or anti-clockwise circuit) multiple times with a 100 metre portage on the beach between each lap.

All paddlers at West Lakes CC should have a go because it’s great fun racing and there are a lot of sprints, wash riding & portages to make it exciting. We have many excellent sprint & long distance paddlers who can win National Titles medals in this event and also make a National Canoe Marathon World Championship Team to compete in Portugal in September 2018.

Race distances vary depending on Age Group – e.g. between 15 km for Juniors & Masters Paddlers 50+ to 29 km for Open.

Boat classes are International Classes K1, K2, C1, C2, and other classes are TK1, TK2, TC1, TC2 and others. Please refer to the website.

Anyone can enter with age groups from Under 15, U 18, U 23, Open, and the many Masters Age Groups – M35 – 39, M40-44, M45 – 49, M50 – 54, M55 – 59, M60 – 64, M65 – 69, etc. Male & Female & Mixed.

All you need to do is:
1. get started with your training at 10 km (or more) sessions. Use a GPS to keep your race pace honest. Don’t just go for a float. Paddle with others & wash ride.

2. Look at the Australian Canoeing website – Marathon section to get more information & to get to know the rules of Canoe Marathon Racing.

3. Find a doubles partner and get training with them too. It makes you commit to more training with your partner.

4. Attend Canoe Marathon focus group training on Portaging, Wash Riding, Drinking fluids & systems, etc. This group will be formed in January 2018 with Australian National Canoe Marathon Team members who will freely give their time & expertise to help you improve.

5. Watch the Australian Canoe Marathon website for when entries open.

6. Enter at the following link

7. Pay your money early to get the early bird rate. You must be a Financial Member of Australian Canoeing or an AC Canoe Club.

8. Turn up for your race and give it your best shot!

Key Dates are:-

Registration Friday 18 May 2018
Singles Competition Sat 19 May 2018
Doubles Competition Sun 20 May 2018

You only need one entry or person to make a race and if you successfully complete the race – you will win a Gold Medal and be a National Champion.

You can also nominate to be selected for the 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon National Team if you are paddling in the International Classes (K1, K2, C1 & C2) in the Junior Age Group (U 18), U 23 and Open. There is a section on the website for you to do this and there is no cost. To be selected for this National Team you must win the National Title event at West Lakes (Singles and / or Doubles)

I hope that this will help you get started in Canoe Marathon. I know from experience that there are at least six or more WLCC members who can make this team – as your are all excellent Sprint Paddlers and you will make great starts & transitions (out of and back into water).

South Australia & WLCC has & has had some great Canoe Marathon Paddlers who have made AC National Teams in the past. Bennett Maxwell (11 times!), Marc Brehin, Dale Thomson, Jak Bain, Matt Duggin, Roger French, Jason Nejman, Attila Kaplan, Sean Dedai, Cathy Venning, Neil Thomson, Andrew Coe and Hugh Stewart.

This is the year (i.e. 2018) when you can make the effort to be a National Champion or even make a National Team. It’s six months away so plenty of time and great paddling weather to get started. It would be great to have many SA & WLCC paddlers competing, winning & going to Worlds!

Contact Roger French if you would like more information or mobile 0401 278 700