Message 1: Thanks

Thank you all for your best wishes on my time in the big house .  Hopefully out on parole Wednesday or Thursday  and look forward to seeing you at the club.


Message 2: Event next Saturday 

This is a Xmas event with Rowing, Dragon Boats, Surf and Canoeing. Nik is organizing some  K4 crews to race and to have some competition with the other boats and it is a good event for parents as the Bar is open, food available and live music. This is a great opportunity to mix with other sports and get in a few more good K4 races.


Message 3: GP2

I gather a number of you are now considering attending GP2 in Sydney . There is no problem with this but I wish to let you know  that there is no selection for juniors at this event , it is just after school starts and you will have to fly out by Thursday am at the latest, and it will cost parents at least $800. Also the week after you return is our STATE TITLES. If after discussion with your parents, coaches etc  you still decide to go you have our full support and we will organize boat transport, accommodation ,food and tell you what flights best to catch. To do this we need to know for sure you are going . You need to have these discussions then ring me on 0410603503 and let me know your intentions. It would be good if I had an idea of numbers by Saturday  17th December as accommodation in Sydney will be difficult.


Message 4: Nationals

More on the actual nitty gritty later but just letting you know we have booked accommodation and will soon suggest flights etc..  What I do need to know is those intending to stay for the Marathon Titles.  I suggest anyone not doing surf stay and do the singles and doubles and fly home Sunday night. This will mean shifting to new accommodation for a couple of days . I am happy to stay and coordinate a group but need to know who wishes to be involved. Remember an Australian team is selected here as well.


If parents have  ANY questions please feel free to contact me