Hi all,

I hope you are all training hard and enjoying the wind. It has got to get better. Here is some information re coming events.


  1. This Saturday 12/11/16 there is a big rowing around the island race. I would suggest you train before 8am and if you need to be there later stay in the basin in front of WL and on the eastern side of the lake. It should be over by 10am.
  2. GP1 in Adelaide 9/10/11 December. Entries are now open.
  3. GP2 in Sydney(SIRC) 3/4/5th I have talked to Nik and we are not making this a compulsory event because it is just after school starts and there is no selection on this event for juniors. If people want to go, we can coordinate a group but we need to know now to make bookings.
  4. Nationals in Sydney(SIRC) 5-9h March. This year the Sprint and Marathon Titles will be held in the same week at SIRC. The sprints are Sunday to Thursday with a rest day on Friday and then Marathon singles and doubles on Saturday/Sunday. On the weekend of the marathon there is a state surf event in Adelaide so only a few can stay.

We have accommodation booked at the same venue as last nationals in Sydney.

Please think about this and if you have questions please feel free to ask.


Jim Murphy