Club members Reece Bacchus, Ruby Backen (Junior National Team), Callum Dunn, Jayden Ellis, Charlie Kneebone-Ellis, Josie Bulmer and Isabella Rositano(Under 23 National Team) are taking to the stage (water) in Minsk, Belaurus this week at the Junior and U23 World Championships.

The 4 day event will have live streaming via the ICF Planet Canoe’s youtube channel , the  Startlist has been released, and results will be posted on Canoe Minsk 2016.

 Paddler Profile Reece Bacchus      Paddler Profile Ruby Backen

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Reece will be competing in the Junior races of K1 1000m, and Ruby in the K2 and K4 500m.  Reece and Ruby competed at last years Junior World Championships in Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal.  Ruby raced in the K4 500m and the team finished in 8th position.  Reece paddled in the K4 1000m with the team finishing in 17th postition.

Paddler Profile Callum Dunn


Callum Dunn, in his last year of Under 23’s has been elected as the team flag bearer .  At the 2015 U23 World championships, Callum paddled in the K2 200m with Ben McLean recording the third fastest time in the heat and comfortably advancing to the semifinal. The pair finished 12th overall.


Paddler Profile Jayden Ellis


Jayden Ellis, back for a second time at Under 23 level, is competing in the K4 1000m races. In 2014, the K4 1000m team won a Bronze medal at the ICF Junior World Championships in Szeged, Hungary.

Paddler Profile Charlie Kneebone-Ellis


Jayden’s younger brother Charlie has dominated Canoe racing  in Australia for the last 2 years and has made the Under 23 team after a race off with Martin Marinov at the 2016 Australian National Championships in Perth in March.  Last year he competed at the ICF Junior World Championships, in Montemor-0-Velho, Portugal in C1 200m and C1 1000m and finished 18th and 20th respectively. This year he is racing at U23 level in the C1 200m and C1 1000m.


Paddler Profile Josie Bulmer

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Last time, Josie Bulmer competed at the ICF Junior World Championships (Szeged, Hungary 2014) she paddled in the K1 500m and K4 500m. While her results were fantastic with a 10th (K4 500) and 15th (K1 500) she decided last year to change discipline and focus on canoeing.  In this years Under 23 World Championships, Josie is paddling in the C1 200, C1 500 and C2 500 with Isabella Rositano.  Isabella began canoeing in 2014 after being taken up by the AIS sports draft and transferring from the sport of rowing.