Camping:  we have booked an unpowered area and some powered sites in the Kingston on Murray Caravan park . To access this please let Jim Murphy/Tracey know who is coming with numbers and the type of accommodation you will be using. Unfortunately there are no fires or generators but there will a camp kitchen available.

The cost per person for camping is $14 per night with a minimum of 3 nights.  Total $42. Payable to Tracey. I have some tents but we do need more so talk to me about this. make sure you have enough gear to be warm and comfortable   as a good rest is vital.  Bring a TORCH

Food: We will be organizing the food for the members we are responsible. We will have the following

Friday tea           Pasta           
Breakfasts          Cereal/toast
Lunch                  Soup plus
Saturday tea      WLCC BBQ a great tradition
Sunday tea         Leftovers plus.

We will try and do this for $50 including the WLCC BBQ

Race Preparation: The MCC runs a good event and you should investigate their website and understand your obligations. There is a whole booklet on the RPM website that you need to read. The following are not negotiable and all competitors need to have this prepared as part of their luggage.

  • PFD correctly fitted /pealess whistle attached
  • Space Blanket as found in first aid kits
  • Spare clothes in waterproof bag
  • Food and water for your distance
  • Correct paddling gear for the conditions.

Transport: What is important is we do not have too many people taking cars to the event each day as this can lead to some very time consuming activity having to shift cars. On each day we car pool to ensure that at the end of the event all cars have a driver and this is very important for day 3 when we have to be packed up and leave Kingston by about 8.30am. If you have to go back for your car after the finish it will be at least 5.00pm before you leave for home.

On Friday I would like those young people who are available to leave by bus/cars at about 1.00pm from WLCC. This requires some school negotiation. If not possible there will be other club members /parents departing later. I will speak to you all individually re this. On the Monday I expect to return to WLCC at about 5.00/6.00 pm .

Coaching: Nik will make sure you are prepared for the event and talk about race nutrition, race plans, boat preparation and the mental skills to get through the event. At the moment we will have 2 relay teams and a number of people doing the 50km. Relay team paddlers will have different partners each day which is excellent training for the future.

What To Bring: You do not have to spend a lot of money for this event as you most probably have the gear already.

  • Clothes to paddle in for all types of weather. You need at least 2 changes as you want to start each day in dry gear.
  • Dry warm clothes for after. This include warm footwear and a beanie.
  • Clothes for the evening and sleeping. Remember it is not a fashion parade
  • Safety bag for the boat. Needs to be a dry sack and should include spray jacket, change of paddling gear and safety gear as required in the RPM booklet.
  • Sleeping gear. This needs to be warm and include a pillow. If you need add a rug. Some form of a sleeping mat would help with comfort.

Please ring Jim Murphy on 0410603503 if you have any queries.

DOWNLOAD THIS AS PDF TO PRINT : West Lakes Canoe Club at the RPM 2016

2016 RPM flyer

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