The next big event for WLCC  is the RPM on the June Long Weekend. This is the biggest marathon event we do for the year .

As a club we are fully involved . On the Friday before the long weekend we depart about lunchtime for Kingston On Murray where we set up for the weekend with the paddlers sleeping in tents and we use the caravan park camp kitchen to provide food etc.

Transport to the start and return from the race is provided.

Alternatively parents can come as a family but please contact Tracey early if you want powered sites.

The event is run by the Marathon Canoe Club and there is a possible 6 events to choose from. They also have an early bird entry system with a $30 saving if you enter by May 9th(this Sunday).    Entry can be done on line and the club can help you this process if required  (Come on Saturday to the club – see previous posts below). Entry fees vary (up to $130 for juniors for the full three days)

At this stage we would expect

  • The more experienced athletes to do the K2 relay over the 200km. There is a chance some Victorian NTS athletes are coming to be involved with us.
  • Older athletes may do the 200km  or 100km course in singles or doubles
  • People new to the sport and the TID group we would recommend the 50km course
  • Novice paddlers should do the MINI
  • For busy people the single day 26 km course is an option,

For those keen on the total package (for the club) the approx. cost is:

  •                Caravan park           $40(3 nights)
  •                 Transport”               $40
  •                 Food                          $50

In a week or so we will refine the costings as we know numbers etc.

For further info go to the RPM website and read the comprehensive booklet there or see JIM at the club or ring 0410603503

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