Dec 2014 Bunnings BBQ fundraiser…

Thankyou to all of the wonderful members who volunteered their time for the latest Bunnings BBQ.

It was a busy day being the Saturday before Christmas. We raised over $2100 which  all goes towards club revenue. Thanks to the regular crew of Rick and Jody Bayliss, Shirley Higgins, Tracey Tapscott,  Lisa Jeager, Jim Murphy and Mark Bulmer. It was fabulous to see some new faces in Sam Germain, David Souter , Hugh Stewart and Sue Owen. We had a lot of laughs, solved some world issues and cooked a bucket load of sausages.

Hopefully we will have some more notice prior to our next BBQ and I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces to challenge Jim’s expertise on the grill.   JO KNEEBONE

Even the lads came out to help ….Thanks Charlie and Jace

Charlie and Jace
Charlie and Jace