Flatwater Racing GP1 Competition Timetable and Program available.

The final Competition Timetable and Regatta Program has been released, this program is the final program and includes all changes submitted by Coaches and Team Leaders.

The final Competition Timetable and Program for the first Flatwater Racing GP Regatta has been released. This regatta will be conducted at the Westlakes Course in Adelaide on January 8 & 9 2005. Competition commences at 9:00am on both days, the later than normal start is due to restrictions on the use of public address systems in the area around the course prior to 9:00am. The last race is scheduled for 4:00pm on the Saturday and the final race of the regatta is scheduled for 2:55pm on the Sunday.

A meeting of Team Leaders and Coaches will be conducted at the course at 4:00pm on the Friday preceeding competition. At this meeting final minor changes to the program may be submitted, changes resulting in a change to race plans or draws will not be accepted.
The Competition Timetable is included in the Regatta Program, please download and print a copy of the program as copies will not be available at the regatta.