Flatwater Racing Rules impact on boat construction.

The new ICF Flatwater Racing Competition Rules impact on certain aspects of boat construction, particularly seat, footrest and rudder design.

The ICF has published the 2005 version of the Flatwater Racing Competition Rules on their website. These rules take effect from 1 January 2005 and will apply to GP1 to be run at Westlakes in Adelaide on January 8 & 9.

However, the Flatwater Racing Committee feels that the application of Rule 8 – Construction, which bans movable parts on seats and footrests as well as banning over stern rudders, could place some athletes in a difficult position in terms of having a suitable kayak to paddle. With this in mind the committee will apply the rules relating to Construction as they appear in the January 2004 version of the ICF Competition Rules.&nbspThis dispensation has been made for GP1 only at this stage, how the new Construction rule applies to later regattas will be decided as soon as possible and after consultation with coaches and team leaders.
Coaches and team leaders are encouraged to download the new rules and ensure that their athletes are fully conversant with the changes to the rules.